Online sculpture, 2011


I decided to simply name my latest solo album New Album to kind of poke at the fact that people only seem to care about products or content as long as it's "new". You have to try and sell as many copies of your record within 2 weeks after its release, because beyond that point nobody will care about it any more. There seems to be a "new iPhone" every couple of months just to keep selling it. In fact, "the new iPhone" has become a product itself, instead of referring to a model the title refers to whether it's the latest on the market.

I tried to reflect this desire for the shiny and new with the release page for New Album by throwing together a huge amount of product pictures found on the web. The combination of the perfectly clean objects which were probably all generated with 3d modeling software results in an eye-candy overdose. The release page weighs a full 15MB.

"[...] the closest you can get to the future, the nearest point to perfect you can reach simply because they [high tech devices] are the newest on the market."

– From a fake interview with The New York Times (offline due to a cease and desist order, you can see a screenshot here)

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