– Certified Product Owner (scrum) 2013

European Media Master of Arts (MA) with distinction & Diploma (FH), Merz Akademie Stuttgart, 2003-2007

– Fluent in English (TOEFL-Test approved, almost perfect score), Italian, and German (mother tongue)

– Highly proficient in most common design/sound/film software, advanced HTML / CSS knowledge

– Excellent communication skills


2015Lecture at Videonale, Bonn

2014 - presentDigital Product Designer, amplify, Stuttgart

2013Product Owner, MyLorry, Berlin

2013Consultant, Young Digitals, Berlin

2013freelance: Conceptual Designer, ARTE

2013freelance: Consultant, Lapka Inc.

2009 - 2012Project Manager Marketing and IT Development, SAT Albatros Sea-Air Transport, Dubai

2009Conceptual Designer (Online), Jung von Matt, Stuttgart

2008Chief Editor, Best before - A Dsico Fanzine, Stuttgart

2008Editorial Fellow, Rhizome at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York City

2005 - 2006Intern Film Production / Marketing, The Whitest Kids U’ Know, New York City

2003 - 2004DJ Tutor, CAP Academy, Stuttgart

2003 - presentExecutive Director, Upitup Records, Rome/Stuttgart/Liverpool

Text / Copy / Publications

2012Fact sheet / product description for Lapka - Personal Environment Monitor, ↓ .pdf

Ohne Ende (English), exhibition catalog introduction, Kunstverein Speyer, ↓ .pdf

Born To Fail, essay on netlabels, Junk Jet #5 and Lodown Magazine issue #75, (2011) ↓ .pdf

2010Official announcement regarding environmental issues, SAT Albatros Sea-Air Service, Dubai, ↓ .pdf

2009Defriending The Web, essay, Digital Folklore by Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied, ↓ .pdf

Product description for SAT Albatros Sea-Air Service, visit website→

Contribution to Dutch art paper HTV De Ijsberg, the "Imaginary Property" issue (#77)

Guest feature in FAUND Magazine issue #4

Dinge von Substanz, concept for Breuninger with Leo Merz, Volker Schartner & Ronald Kolb, ↓ .pdf

2008It's A Pest, contribution to Best before - A Dsico Fanzine, self-published, ↓ .pdf

In Print, article for visit website→

2007You As In User - Audience Economics And The Web, self-published book, ↓ .pdf

Der Sampler ist tot - lang lebe das Sampling (German), essay for Lautsprecherei, Diedrich Diederichsen, ↓ .pdf

The Culture Pessimist, essay for Shake Your Tree #3 (sold out)

Group Exhibitions

2013Oslo Night, curated by Alain Bieber, Haus der Elektronischen Künste, Basel

2012Young Artists Biennial, curated by Matei Samihaian and Silvia Saitoc, Bukarest

2011Fun Is Back, curated by Aram Bartholl and Olia Lialina, speed show, Kiosk&Internetcafe Chatroom, Stuttgart
Intercollective Picture Com, online exhibition, ongoing

2009My Biennale Is Better Than Yours, curated by Tolga Taluy, Xth Biennale de Lyon, Lyon

Screen Grab, curated by Jon Cates, Christy LeMaster, and Nicholas O'Brien, Nightingale Cinema, Chicago

Michael Jackson Doesn’t Quit (Part 1), curated by Ben Aqua and Mike Ruiz, The Future Gallery, Berlin

Forms of Melancholy, curated by Chris Coy, Sego Art Center, Provo, Utah

In Real Life, at Capricious Space, curated by Laurel Ptak, The Armory Show, New York City

Online / Offline at Filmwinter Stuttgart, co-curated by Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied

2008KISS Principle, online exhibition curated by Constant Dullaart,

Lost & Found 5 Sep at de Waag, curated by Julia van Mourik, Lost & Found, Amsterdam

Dark Fair, curated by Hanne Mugaas & Fabienne Stephan, Swiss Institute, New York City

Shake Your Tree Worldtour, Westberlin Gallery, Berlin

Shake Your Tree Worldtour, Galerie gez. - Raum fuer Urheber, Stuttgart

2007 – Lautsprecherei. Re: Sound - Art - Design", Kulturverein Dialekt e.V., Stuttgart

2006Shake Your Tree - The Exhibition, Kulturverein Dialekt e.V., Stuttgart

  1. "Dennis represents the third generation of net artists"

  2. Olia Lialina, 2008


2015 – upcoming: The Beatles (Gradient Album)

2013Soundtrack to ARTE Tricks, Upitup Records, visit website→

– Upitup's 10th Anniversary Album, compilation, visit website→

2012 – upcoming: Soundtrack to Monster Munchies, iPad/iPhone game, ↓ sketch 1 / ↓ sketch 2 (both mono)

Soundtrack to Fluxus!, a film by Dorothee Richter and Ronald Kolb

Tricks, mix, Upitup Records, visit website→

2011New Album – Tracky Birthday, solo album, licensed under new CopyrightPlus™, Upitup Records

Soundtrack to advertisement by Goethe Institut, watch on YouTube→

Chillier Gonzales, arch-enemy of Chilly Gonzales

Soundtrack for Ways to Feel Better with Sebastian Haslauer for ARTE Creative, visit website→

2010Greatest It, compilation, Upitup, Cock Rock Disco, WM Recordings, Proot, Peppermill, Ego Twister website→

Feature track on Movie Ruiners, Ego Twister Records, visit website→

2008Animal Audition – Tracky Birthday, solo album, Upitup Records

BAD – The Discoghosts, album (with Manuel Buerger), Upitup Records / CD inside Shake Your Tree #3, website→

Feature track on Party Ruiners Vol. II, Ego Twister Records, visit website→

2007Opening track for Raymond Scott tribute by Ergo Phizmiz, WFMU, visit website→

2006GPS: Great Polka Sound, Heimatmusik (German folk) created with GPS data

Primix For Kids, album, Upitup Records, visit website→

2005Lo-Fi Xmas Giveaway, collection of music from 1998 - 2003, unofficial release, Upitup Records, visit website→

2002Soundtrack to solo exhibition Memory Scapes by Hartmut Landauer at Galerie Keim, Stuttgart


Stefan Sagmeister, 2009

Live Performances (selection)

2014 – Crack! Festival, Rome

2011 – P1, Munich

2009Guest at "Uwe Schenk trifft...", Tonstudio Stuttgart

Elevator jam with Paul B. Davis (Beige Records), Akademie der Kuenste, Berlin

Netaudio Festival, Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin

2008 – Picknick, Berlin

2007 – Felt Club, Rome

– The Magnet, Liverpool, with Ceephax Acid Crew (Rephlex Records), Milanese (Warp), Cylob (Rephlex)

2006 – Rocker 33, Stuttgart, with Dragan Espenschied of Bodenständig 2000 (Rephlex)

Webcam gig, Times Square, New York City

2003 – Alpheus, Rome

1994Disney Club, national TV (Germany)

"I have a lot of respect for Tracky"

Chilly Gonzales, 2014

Mixed Media

2012It all starts with an idea, illustration for Conceptboard, visit website→

2011New Album 15MB release page, collage / online sculpture

2010Photography from 2005-2010, visit website→

Caution, wet floor effect, design critique

2009 Untitled (Michael Jackson), sculpture

ghstbstrsbstrs, screenshot

I want those, collaborative performance

Datasoft, collage

2008People who saw me, Google Map showing where celebrities have seen me, visit website→

Untitled, animated drawing

4, altered photograph

Dsico Map, illustration

Bass and Snare, comic

Disco Chat, fake Gchat conversation

Yellow, illustration

Office Party, animated portrait series, visit website→

Various .gif animations

2007MyTubeLickr, collage / online sculpture

Wubatman-Tang, t-shirt design

Zitiermaschine, installation

2006bg pattern, illustration

S.E.R.V.I.C.E., installation

2004TVicious, installation

2003Beuatiful Drwaings, Evrey Day,"folding game" drawings, visit website→

"...unlimited capacity for love"

Manuel Buerger, 2008


2014GoPro Experiment

2013ARTE Tricks

2010Photobooth Experiment

2009Live at Uwe Schenk trifft...

Live at Disneyclub 1994

Tracky's Music Lesson

Personal Differences (Lennon / McCartney)

2008YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES at the New Museum, New York City

Rhizome News: Replicant, Virgil de Voldere Gallery


YouTube Error

Keep On Gibbon

Blue Moon 4.07

20061111 Unterwasser

Tribute to: Mr. Shake It Up!

Your First and Last New Media Experience

Shake Your Tree

2005The Nerdstep

Valley Of Penguins

"Love it"

Mocky, 2010

Press / Recognition

2014Winner of the Visionary Track in Intel's Make It Wearable Challenge

2013ARTE Tricks mentioned by Sueddeutsche, newspaper article in Stuttgarter Zeitung on

Feature by De:Bug (German)

2012 – Newspaper interview in Good News (German)

New Album reviewed on

BootyClipse mentioned by Sueddeutsche

2011Interview with NY Times (offline due to cease and desist order), see screenshot

Article, Free Music Archive

Article, Phlow Magazine

Tracky's Music Lesson featured on ARTE Creative

Interview and feature on national radio Deutschlandradio Kultur

– Song WuBatman-Tang on soundtrack for NITRO Roadwarriors snowboarding video

2010BootyClipse featured on The Guggenheim Museum's The Take blog for the YouTube Play Biennial

– Text You As In User and piece BootyClipse reviewed in Post Internet by New York based art critic Gene McHugh

Article on Greatest It,

– Song Balla! on soundtrack for TYPO conference, Berlin

Appearance on the cover of NEON magazine, Germany

2009BootyClipse awarded best online work at Stuttgart Filmwinter, shown on and Video Vortex conference

Interview and feature on national radio Deutschlandradio Kultur

Interview and feature on Fritz radio Berlin

Best before - A Dsico Fanzine featured in De:Bug (March 2009 issue), Groove, FACT Magazine (offline) featured on Vvork

Constant airplay of song Websiiite on Chaosradio (Chaos Computer Club), 2009 - present

2008Article BootyClipse about my work with the same title, Olia Lialina An Infinite Séance 2, and in Junk Jet #4

Winner of the first WiiMote Masters tennis championship

2007Upitup Records ranked among top 3 netlabels by Telepolis (heise online)

Blue Moon ranked # 7 most viewed video of the day, (worldwide), later shown on TV in Italy

Interview with Cory Arcangel (Beige Records) and Dragan Espenschied on Hyperground Radio, mp3 on request

2006 – Song Long Time No Think appeared on enclosed DVD of Monster Skateboard Magazine (Germany)

"weird, awesome and silly... just the way we like it" (now HuffPost Comedy), 2009

Fun Facts

  1. Member of the Nasty Nets internet surfing club and Computers Club Drawing Society

  2. Presented masters thesis in underpants

  3. Reading the text Ohne Ende made pregnant Caitlin Jones instantly go into labor

  4. Put wiener hand on an original Monet once

  5. Love hanging out at Keith Richard's office in SoHo

"...internet celebrity"

Seecoy, 2008


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ƒ Facebook

τ Twitter

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♫ SoundCloud

■ Delicious

Dennis Knopf

Creative Professional, Musician, Digital Artist, Author.

Passionate about making music, websites, videos, and babies. My work has been featured by The Guggenheim Museum's blog, national television in Italy, and radio stations such as WFMU, Chaosradio (Chaos Computer Club), and Deutschlandradio.

I work as Digital Product Designer at amplify in Stuttgart, Germany. In the past I’ve worked as Editorial Fellow at in New York City, as Senior Marketing Manager at SAT Albatros global logistics, Dubai, and as Conceptual Designer at Jung von Matt. I've worked on projects for clients such as Bosch, BBC, ARTE, NEON, Nike, Ferrero...

Since 2003 I'm also Executive Director at Upitup Records, an independent music label based in Rome, Liverpool, Stuttgart and Zurich.

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