Solo album, 2008


On December 10th my wife told me "hnk pfffsshhhh I think the baby's coming!" and I replied "wait, I'm almost done here." So after she forced me to stop I hit save on my last track and Animal Audition was complete.

My first solo album features collaborations with artists such as Dragan Espenschied, The Discoghosts, Roglok, Hasi Intl.™, and Vernon LeNoir. Musical styles range from tiki to disco, from polka to rap, from carnival to other, from surf rock to 8-bit techno to dub...

"[...] a world full of curly earworms and musical crimes. A set of unfresh raps over uncool beats. Minus times minus equals plus! Tracky Birthday is HipHop's antimatter and Disco's daughter's new boyfriend. Welcome to your new favorite album."

– From the Upitup Records website

(censored by designer)

The cover photo was taken by my wife, Roglok later turned it into the artwork. Here are four alternative album covers, including a picture of all the instruments used for recording the tracks:

Animal Audition