Album, Upitup Records, 2008


Manuel "MBoy" Buerger and I started invading night clubs in 2007 as The Discoghosts. In spring 2008 we released our first album:

BAD is a heartfelt tribute to dance music and plays with its clichés like excessive repetition, climax, stupidity, autofilter, and sound fetishism. At the same time it breaks the taboos of 'good' music by being imperfect and amateur.

It all started with our live performance in front of a webcam on Times Square, New York – that's when we discovered our passion for performing.

BAD was also featured as a CD inside the book Shake Your Tree #3 along an interview with the beloved geists.

One of the only "the" bands that deserve the "the"!

— Manuel Buerger, 2007

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The Discoghosts – BAD