Installation, 2004


"Television just sucks. Sitting in front of the average blackbox, all you can do [back then] is change the program, adjust the volume or switch it off. The usage is really simple, but the reasons why the TV machine works remain obscure.

The aim of TVicious was not to deconstruct the TV, but to change the usual ways of TV operation and perception. The user enters a huge box shaped like a TV and faces a monitor installed inside. With a Set of different sensors, mounted on the walls and floor of the instrument, the incoming TV-signal can be manipulated in realtime.

Several audio and video filtering methods, eg. ring modulation for pitch-shifting the sound or dynamic magnification and multiplication of the image, can be simultaneously applied to resynthesize the original TV program in manyfold ways."

— From the project documentation

Regular Satellite TV was digitized and fed through a Max/MSP/Jitter patch. The CV signals coming from the sensors were converted to midi data which controlled the parameters of the effects. You can download the standalone app (OSX) to see how it works.

The Sensors:

180° Bend Sensor (Pitch Modulation)

Touch Sensitive Pad (Zoom)

Rotary Knob (Image Rotation)

Proximity Sensor (Data Rate Reduction)

Touch Sensitive Slidebar (Image Multiplication)

TVicious was a project by Leo Merz and myself.


      .'   '.       --------------

     /       \     | ------------ |

     | _   _ |     ||            ||

     |(_) (_)|     ||  / TELE \  ||

     \_  A  _/     ||   VICIOUS  ||

      ||___||      ||            ||

      \ ::: /      | ------------ |

       \___/       |    ======  0 |

        <0>         --------------

        <0>          ------------

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