Made by my son

The world's first SoundCloud graffiti

Solo album released as Tracky Birthday, 2011


One month before its official release date in December 2011 I leaked my own album and sold it on eBay (username MIDILEAKS) raising the question: "how much is an endlessly reproducible digital file worth?"

The album was then published on Upitup Records along with a special release page sculpture, a 15MB collage of contemporary tech aesthetics.

New Album features a palindrome track (identical played forward/backwards), a 190 bpm fast song consisting of over 2000 different samples (no sound event repeated twice), raps with a full mouth about food, a song about technology made with two monophonic cellphones only, a Chilly Gonzales remix, a love song about secretaries, and many other refreshing tunes.

The album was released under my own CopyrightPlus™ license which prohibits you to "talk about, listen to or even think about all or any parts of the music" – a salute to the outdated concept of copyright.


Each track of the album has its own cover artwork embedded (one of which my 2-year-old son made on an iPad).

As a marketing scheme I purchased the domain and copied the website of The New York Times in order to fake an interview which is now offline due to a cease and desist order. You can see a screenshot of the fake website & interview here.

The album was in fact reviewed on,, and the Free Music Archive, and featured on Deutschlandradio Kultur.

"So, he's funny. But what he nails, beyond self parody or poking fun at rap and pigeonholing music, is that overly indulged, superficially informed Internet zeitgeist. It's as if the iPhone, 80s nostalgia, fast food and every bit of tawdry gluttony on the world wide web had a child, who understands the shallowness of the Internet in the deepest way possible."

  —, 2012

New Album