Online sculpture, 2007


In the middle of the past decade the world wide web started reshaping. Social networks began to flourish giving users the possibility to publish and distribute content through pre-defined channels for free. The design of those services aimed to reflect their friendly attitude towards the user. Fancy and cute icons seem to say "look at me, I am easy to use and trustable! Try me, I'm yours!"

I started collecting graphical elements typical for the so-called Web2.0 and arranged them using Apple's iWeb software in order to build an online portfolio. When a large amount of these graphical elements are displayed together their message seems to become even more clear.

In my book You As In User - Audience Economics And The Web you can read a more thorough investigation of this phenomenon. An updated, shortened version can be found in Digital Folklore by Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied. ↓ .pdf

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