Caution, wet floor effect

Technology– it's so clean!

Find the mistake in this "wet floor"

Design critique, 2010


Ever since Apple introduced a distinct visual effect dubbed "wet floor" (simulating a reflection below an object so it looks as if it's standing on a very clean and shiny surface) this aesthetic has been copied and immitated endlessly in advertisement and design culture (as on this website).

It perfectly symbolizes the fetish connected to modern consumerism, the desire for the new and superior.

In fact, I've been coming across many products that remind of Apple's designs lately:

I am particularly proud of this finding, a set of playing cards:

This advert even has a "dock" on the bottom!

Dragan Espenschied discovered these two bad boys:

Dragan and I also made a song called Efficiency about technology and its promise of perfecting you:

The track is off my New Album which has a dedicated website full of glossy hi-tech aesthetics. I also highly recommend iPhone Poetry by Rider Ripps and this post on Spirit Surfers when discussing this topic. Futurama also had a fun episode called Attack of the Killer App.

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Floating pizza slice! Whuuut!

The cards even have scrolling bars!

Apple G5 style!

Car's features as apps